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Someone told me it costs $800 to have the oil changed in a BMW or Mercedes?

January 21st, 2011 · No Comments

A. inspections $300.00 and B. inspections up to $1,000. But oil change only I don’t think so! New BMW’s have 50,000mile free scheduled maintenance and Mercedes Benz cars are expensive to service. The oil change combined service is not cheep.
- Absolutely not. It may be expensive due to the fact that they use only Mobile one synthetic oil only. Todays Mercedes can go up to 10k miles before an oil change due to the fact it now has a larger oil pan allowing it to circulate more oil.It may cost about around $100 to $200,But it wont cost $800.
- That is way too high. but they may have had in mind the high cost of a dealer oil change with dealer approved oil.( Dont go to jiffy lube, I’ve heard all kinds of stories about them damaging cars) You can go to any mechanic and get it done cheaper.
- come on your are not that gullible. that’s a little high.but now for synthetic oil, that’s different. ill give you a quote for a synthetic oil change at 800.00 and that’s a good deal you only need to change it every 5000 miles instead of 3000….. no really u need an honest mechanic!

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