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Whats the best car engine oil for BMW?

January 29th, 2011 · 20 Comments

I need some good engine oil for my BMW whats the best one out there?
- For standard oil, I recommend Pennzoil. I have had five vehicles go 100,000 miles with no problems and the people who bought them from me drove them for many more years because I would see them from time to time.

If you want a really GREAT oil, I would suggest AMSOIL synthetic. I read some independent labratory tests on that stuff and it was amazingly better at protecting metal parts then all the others. But it is a bit expensive. You CAN run it for more miles than Petroleum oils so it costs about the same in the long run. I switched my Harley to Amsoil and it ran quieter and cooler. That should tell you it is better then the “dinosaur” petroleum oils.
The second best synthetic would be Mobil one.
- In this day and age , theres not much to choose between them, if you buy a 20/40.which means it stays good ( or keeps its viscosity) at 20 below c and 40 above, if you buy cheep, change it more often , which wont hurt anyway, for me that GTX is well over rated, on high mileage cars its got to be changed every year.

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