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1993 Cadillac Eldorado fly wheel not urn, new starter and battery installed

June 21st, 2011 · 89 Comments

Everytime I crank it there is a “clink” the starter trying to bump the fly wheel but it wont turn. The oil is suficient and I dont know why it is doing this?

- Well, the flywheel is bolted to the end of the crank. So, open the hood. Find the bottom pulley which is the front of the crank, and find a socket that will fit the bolt that holds that bottom pulley on. Got it? Okay, now get a proper sized extension and a drive for the socket, and attempt to turn the engine. Anything happening? If not, you have a seized engine, and a very expensive decision coming up.
Think of it this way, the average life of a vehicle is 10 years, and you got 4 free years out of this one.
- You’re going to need to try to turn the motor over by hand if the starter is not engaing but clicks-otherwise, check between the 2 positive battery cable ends-there’s a lead pellet between them that gets corroded and will allow key power to the dash, etc, but won’t allow current to the starter. clean the cable ends real good-that lead pellet is removable , then carefully skin back the plastic ends of the cables and wire brush them(some have removable cable boots-same deal)
- You might want to check your wire to your starter that’s the first i would check. if that’s not it take the oil pan off and take the pistons loose form the crankshaft and see if they will go up or down. if not its seized. if there not you should check your barrings. if they are fine. and none of your pistons are stuck. then you might. need to get a new crankshaft or get that one aliened.

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