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How to change a steering wheel on Dodge Caravan?

August 10th, 2011 · No Comments

I bought a 1997 Dodge Caravan and the airbag on the drivers side has been exploded, my question is, how do I change the steering wheel so I can put a new one on?
- you can just replace the airbag you do not have to replace the whole steering wheel. and i suggest that you have a professional do this as it can be dangerous working with air bags.
- You don’t need to remove the steering wheel to replace the airbag. Disconnect the battery, there are I believe four (4) torx tip screws holding the airbag to the steering wheel. Remove and replace. Ther wil be a connector underneath the bag, easily removed. Remember to completely remove both the positive and negative battery cables and take your time.
- There’s some screws on the back of the steering wheel about mid-back you take those off and it alows you to take some part of the stearing wheel off ldon’t know what exactly] then you remove the bag and what not and there should be a bolt in the middle set back some. use an air gun to take it off [to make it easier] and if it doen’t just slide off [most likly won't ] you’ll have to get a stearing wheel puller or hit 2 sides of it with a rubber malet [not siting in seat] and eventually it will come off. but your better off having in a mechanic do it.
- Disconnect the battery and fuses for the Airbag, pop off the center cap, and unscrew the wheel from the column. Reassemble in reverse.

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