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How to cold start a 225 Dodge slant six with a 1 barrel carb?

August 15th, 2011 · No Comments

My tow truck driver managed to get it to start by holding some part of the carb open while it was started but I am unable to duplicate this.
- Hold the throttle wide open and open the choke flap on top of the carb. The easiest way to do this alone would be to remove the air cleaner, open the little flappy thing on top of the carb. Place a large screwdriver or tool into the orifice to hold it open. Then get in the car and crank the engine while holding the gas pedal to the floor. This is the procedure for starting a flooded engine. Holding these 2 flaps open (choke and throttle) provides maximum air to the engine to dry out excess fuel.
You see in fact the “gas” pedal is really an “air” pedal lol
Have the carb rebuilt or at least change the fuel filter and stop messing around with it.
- Take off the air filter cover on the top of the carb with the engine off. Look down through the top of the carb. You should see a butterfly flap on a hinge right at the carb opening. If you can stick your finger into the opening without obstruction, your choke valve or butterfly as it is sometimes called, is missing. It may start anyway when cold if you pump the gas many times and then crank the engine, even without the choke valve.
- Ok first you have to be shure the choke is working. Here is how to tell.
First press the gas peddle down to the flor 1 time. (Do not Pump)
Now take off the air filter and look into the carb. If you can see down into it the choke is not working and you need to get it fixed. Some chokes are electric, some work on vaccumn, and still others work by heat. If the choke is not working and it is open all the way, you can pump the gas as you are starting.
In this case it sounds like the choke is stuck closed and thus it is feeding to much gas to the carb. It sounds like this is the case, the carb is flooding the engine with to much gas. When the guy opened the choke it got the air it needed to start. Check to see if after the car warms up that that choke plate is now open.

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