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The highest compression I can expect to get out of stock Dodge 318 with two turbochargers?

August 15th, 2011 · No Comments

Planning on converting my truck over to run 100% ethanol and i want to achieve a very high compression for the ethanol so I am going to use the turbochargers to help with compression and forced induction. the engine is a 1974 dodge 318 LA stock everything.

- You better do a lot off home work you say every thing is stock well it wont be after you get done. stock compression would be around 8.5 maybe 9.1 with turbo you are talking boost any thing from 5 psi to 15 psi and that is talking small turbos. i think you would be better off with a super charger than turbos.

- Putting a Turbocharger or a Supercharger does not increase your compression ratio. It does however increase the pressure in the cylinder.Your compression ratio is if you suck 10 units of air and compress it to 1. Then the ratio would be 10 to 1. So normally you would have (lets say) 10 PSI, if you put 5 pounds of boost you will have 15 PSI in the cylinder.
The best way to find your compression is to look it up online. The only thing to do to increase your compression ratio is to get domed pistons or change your crankshaft to make it a longer stroke.
If you want to check and see how much compression each cylinder have get a compression testing kit and screw it into the sparkplug hole. If you check before you put on a Turbo/Supercharger and after you will have the same amount of compression.

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