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What to do if I put unleaded fuel in a diesel engine and ran it until it stalled?

September 20th, 2011 · No Comments

It’s a 200x volkswagen jetta. I used the green handle pump that turned out to be regular unleaded instead of diesel. Drove a short distance before it stalled and would not start again. Does the fuel just need to be changed out, or did I fry the engine?

- By driving your car with unleaded fuel in has damaged the fuel pump and possibly the injectors as the unleaded fuel would strip away all the lubrication used to keep the engine ticking over. This causes the metal components to grate against each other and disintegrates them. On the later Pd engines petrol can completely damage the engine beyond economical repair. I have replaced quite a few engines on customers cars because the customer had drove the car on the wrong fuel. A recon Pd engine costs around £1500.

- Providing it was only a short distance its unlikely you have done any major harm. Contact a garage so that the fuel system can be drained from the filter back. They will then put diesel and a drop of oil in it to lubricate the bores. All being well it will start and run with no adverse problems.

- if you have put petrol into a diesel engine, then yes the car would indeed have stopped working. The injectors will have been worn, as the diesel lubricates the injectors, so it then using petrol would have probably worn the injectors, and all the sills etc. Get hold of a knowledgeable friend to have a look for you.

- Tow truck and a shop and will not know til its been drain and check next time read pump before you push the button dont look at the colors of handle covers look at pump button you push. The color of the handle dont always have to be green or black they are covers a shop might need a handle to replace one and use any color and yes you need a shop and to drain and to check.

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