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Mercedes-Benz Operator’s Manual ML 320 SE 420 SEL 500 SEL pdf

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

The First 1000 Miles (1500 km) The more cautiously you treat your vehicle during the break-in period, the more satisfied you will be with its performance later on. Therefore, drive your vehicle during the first 1500 km (1000 miles) at moderate vehicle and engine-speeds. During this period, avoid heavy loads (full throttle driving) and high RPM (no more than 2/3 of maximum permissible speed in each gear as indicated on the speedometer). Avoid accelerating by kickdown. It is not recommended to brake the vehicle by manually shifting to a lower gear.

We recommend to select positions “3″ or “2″only at moderate speeds (for hill driving). After 1000 miles (1500 km) speeds may be gradually increased to the permissible maximum Maintenance We strongly recommend that you have your vehicle serviced by your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, in accordance with the Maintenance Booklet. Failure to have the vehicle maintained in accordance with the Maintenance Booklet may result in vehicle damage not covered by the Mercedes-Benz Limited Warranty. Radio Transmitters Warning! Never operate radio transmitters equipped with a built-in or attached antenna (i.e. without the telephone connected to an external antenna) from inside the vehicle while the engine is running. Doing so could lead to a malfunction of the vehicle’s electronic system, possibly resulting in an accident and personal injury. Radio transmitters, such as a portable telephone or a citicens band unit should only be used inside the passenger compartment, if they are connected to a Mercedes-Benz approved antenna that is installed on the outside of the vehicle.

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