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How Much Air 2008 Volkswagen Polo Tyres Need?

September 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Basically i have a 2008 Volkswagen Polo.. I haven’t drove it for a month & i’ve just noticed that the front of the car has gone down a little coz the tyres have gone flat a little. I haven’t had the car for long actually.. Does anyone know how much air to put into the front tyres & back?

- DO NOT FILL THE TIRE TO THE PRESSURE LISTED ON THE SIDEWALL. That is the MAX pressure rating for carrying MAXIMUM weight. There should be a sticker in the door jam that tells the correct pressure for the vehicle.

- Impossible to answer, there fitted with 5 different tyre sizes on that, theres the 1.4, 1.6 petrol, 1.9, and 1.9 TDI. With 13, 14, 15 16 inch wheels, if you just go that extra bit and say what car it is i would of told you.

- on a vw, look on the fuel door. it will give you the recommended pressure. if you are carrying a load, you can go to the max on the tire but i would stick with what it says on that sticker. it will maximize your fuel economy, tire life and braking ability.

- Depends on model type, a diesel is higher than a petrol engine.

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