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How much to get a clutch fixed on 1991 Nissan Micra?

October 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Looking at buying a Nissan Micra 1991, but what to know how much it would be to fix it up as it needed a new clutch.

- If u were getting the car for free then it might be worth putting a clutch in d.i.y £50.00 or garage about £250.00. unless that car is a mint example with very low miles and no body damage i would not put my hand in my wallet to pay anything at all, a 1991 micra in good nick with tax and mot will cost around £300.00 on e-bay, dont bother with that one my friend walk away.

- It wouldn’t be £1000 but might be £200-£300. I really wouldn’t bother buying it, if the clutch is going the chances are everything else is on the way out too.

- Well unless you know someone that can do it for you, it will be a lot of money, the clutch itself won’t be too much but labour will be very high as its a long process. I reckon most garages would charge £1000.

- It wouldn’t cost much, approx.£200. It’s a really easy job to do on a Micra, and any garage will do it for you, but make sure you shop around to get some prices first.

- If you are near Norwich(UK),I can do it for under 200 pounds.Parts cost around 65 including release braring.

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