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Where can i find the relay switch on a 91 Nissan Pathfinder?

October 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

I need to know where i can find the relay switch on a 91 nissan pathfinder, we hit a bump on the road and everything just shut down, usually when we have trouble like this it is a fuse or something, but nothing seems to be wrong in that area, I can’t find a book or anyone that knows anything about them.

- You can find and or purchase a relay switch at any aftermarket auto parts store like Car Quest or Reilly’s and so on if it happens to not be available it may be purchased at the Nissan dealership. You do not need a book for replacement any mechanic can tell you where it is located.

- Not sure why you are asking about a relay switch. Seems you may have triggered the fuel shut of valve. I think Nissan and ford have the same safety switch. I know on ford motor cars there is a reset switch in the trunk of the cars. I am not sure on a pathfinder. Maybe this will help. BTW if you thumb a Ford police car really hard on the side, the safety switch triggers. Shutting of the fuel valve.

- Look in the fuse box that should be in the engine compartment. A relay switch is larger than a fuse, looks like a one inch square or so box.

- Look on the right fender apron. It is bigger than a fuse and is square.

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