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2002 Nissan Pathfinder check engine light goes on and off

October 7th, 2011 · No Comments

Took vehicle to dealer after light appeared first time, they said it was a small evap leak. Hooked vehicle to smoke machine and they weren’t able to find a leak. I have also replaced the old nissan gas cap with a new nissan cap thinking it was bad, but it didn’t work. Since then, the light will appear for a few days, then turn off for a few days.

- Probably is something like your O2 evap canister. My toyota camry used to do that. All I can say is next time it comes on go get a OBD II sensor from auto zone. They will lend it to you for FREE all they need is a deposit. That way you can see what code comes up then the folks at autozone will tell you exactly why the light came on. That way you know what it is. About repair odds are you will be fine not repairing it, BUT the one thing is chances are the vehicle will not pass a smog check as a result of the leak. Also if the light is on it is an automatic fail.

- Return to your said dealer with receipt of your previous visit.The computer is reading a so called “soft code”.They will be the ones to fix it. Your time at the where you buy parts cheap will not have a clue.Their cashiers are not trained technicians.If you had a$500 car go ahead. But you have a Path(fine)finder. If your troubles codes remain.Take it to the service manager, then the dealership owner.

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