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How to put in a 1992 Nissan Sentra motor?

October 7th, 2011 · No Comments

I have a 1992 nissan sentra and I have a motor for it but I need to know how to put the motor in and if I can get step by step instructions.

- I dont think a job like that would be considered step by step, even for the most exp. mechanics,
I would save the trouble of buying parts and other special equipment as well as do it yourself labor/time.
and simply send it a auto shop for faster, no worry qualified job.

- its impossible to give you a step by step detail here it would probably be the longest answer yahoo has ever seen,,i own a repair shop,and you need a good haynes repair manual for this,,they have details,as well as pictures,which are very help full ,when doing this.

- PAY A PROFESSIONAL!! It’ll cost twice as much to have someone do it once you make a mess trying! At the same time though it would be a great learning opportunity; if you have your heart set on doing it yourself find someone who will come talk you through it and show you how. You’ll probably still need to pay them for their time!

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