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Timing chain breaking on Nissan Pathfinder may have affected the heads?

October 10th, 2011 · No Comments

The timing chain on my Nissan Pathfinder broke and i was wondering if this would ruin the valves in the heads of my motor i believe it is a 1991 pathfinder. if you have any clue please let me know!

- In most cases, yes, but there have been a few cases where i just throw another timing chain/belt on and the car fires right up like nothing happened. i would say either tear apart your head and look for bent valves, pushrods, etc. or throw a new timing chain on her and see if she’ll start up.

- Call a Nissan service department and ask them if the valves are interference or non-interference. Interference valves will bend, break or punch a hole in the top of a piston when the timing chain breaks.

- A broken timing chain will stop the motion of the valve train. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your heads and valves are damaged.

- Put chain in do comp. check on all cylinder see if they seal up(valves)

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