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Tail light fuses keeps blowing on a Nissan Sentra?

October 10th, 2011 · No Comments

Every time I turn on my headlights, the fuse for the front and back parking light blows on a 2000 Nissan Sentra. I’ve been told the wiring for the lights is fine and that it’s most likely the multifunction/turn signal switch where the short is. The turn signals and headlights still work; all parking lights and speedometer lights are out. Any opinions or advice? I just wanted to check here before dropping a bunch on an overpriced part.

- The fuse could be to low amperage. You could try having the wiring for the fuse box itself checked. Or you could have the wrong bulb in one of the lights.

- It can be a short caused by one of the relays, check your wiring and make sure it’s not exposed anywhere that it could come in contact with metal which would ground it. Nissan is really difficult to find replacement parts for… regrettably if its a certain part you will most likely have to go through a dealer. Autozone and Checkers and such don’t typically carry nissan parts. My 96 Sentra had some sensor problems which were available through the dealer only.

- I would almost bet that it is not your multiswitch. I would check a few things before I replaced the most expensive one. Take out the bulbs and see if the fuze still blows. sometimes when bulbs blow they become shorted inside. look for water inside your marker lenses.

- I doubt it’s the multi function switch but it is possible. I would use a little bit of common sense and take it to an electrical shop and get it checked out.

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