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Will a Nissan battery fit and work properly in a Mercury?

October 12th, 2011 · No Comments

My sister has a 01 Nissan Altima, and has offered me her battery. My battery is totally dead and I have a Mercury Grand Marquis. I know nothing about cars and I don’t want to make a huge mistake.

- You can get it. But make sure the battery has 12.6 volts. if not, you will have another dead battery.

- Your battery size and post position will come into play, but I believe both of those batteries are top mounted posts. The only problem I would foresee, is that the CCA or Cold Cranking Amps may not be a high enough number coming from a battery off of the Nissan. You need alot more amps to crank a Mercury than you would an Altima. You’re talking the difference of turning over a 4 cylinder engine (nissan) and a 6-8 cylinder engine, which you probably have in your car. I would check the top of the battery. The sticker on both batteries should tell you an “Amp” amount and a “CCA” amount. The CCA is all you need to worry about actually. Make sure you don’t get f-ed this winter with a lower CCA battery. Your alternative is to go to Autozone or your local parts store and pick up a new one for about 30-60 dollars. Trust me, you’ll save yourself alot of hassle going that route.

- If it fits in the whole and doesn’t make contact with anything when the hood is closed then unless you have some giant mercury you should be OK (the comment about giant mercury is because of cranking amps, it will still work it just want crank for a long time without needing a charge)

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