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94 Nissan Pathfinder sometimes it won’t start

October 14th, 2011 · No Comments

My pathfinder wont start after driving it awhile, you have to let it sit about 30 min and then it will start, is this a starter or cylinoid problem?

- Try to change the gas pump, and if that doesn’t fix it, just light a match and throw it in, that will definitely get things going.

- Does the vehicle start right away after the 30 min or does it take a while?
If it starts right away then you might have a fuel injection problem. However, if it takes a min or two then you might have a cylinoid, ingiontion coil, distributor, or starter problem. I can’t tell you exactly with out listening to the car.
Take it to a mechanic and ask him what the problem might be.

- Sounds like an ignition module. you can take it off and have it tested at autozone. I f not that then the electric fuel pump may be going bad (it makes a whirring sound when you turn the ignition and sounds different when going bad a more weak whir). usually when a starter or solenoid goes bad they go out completely. when it wont start bang the starter a little with a hammer and it might work. Autozone can check those but make sure you have a good employee because alot of those guys dont know what they are doing and misread info.

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