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How often does the automatic transmission in a 2007 Nissan Frontier 4×2 need to be flushed and refilled?

October 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

I also need to know how often the differential needs to be drained and refilled. The truck has 29000 miles and I trying to get it serviced by the dealer. They told me that these things don’t need to be done but the maintenance guide that came with it says they should.

- Take it to an independent repair shop if the dealer doesn’t want the business, or follow the owner’s manual guidelines. Or you can check with another dealer; maybe the service intervals have changed since the manual was printed. Also check the manufacturer’s web site. Last I know, tranny 30,000 miles. diff, 50,000 miles. Tranny has service kits at like $50 comes with filter and gasket(s). Flushing not required on either.

- There are millions of cars on the road today that have never had the transmission oil drained and flushed, or the transmission filter replaced and they’re still going strong. Your little truck with only 29K miles on it is just barely broken in. Come back when it has 100K miles on it.

- Use an independant mechanic. They charge less and you generally get better service. I would, however, recommend buying genuine Nissan transmission fluid from the dealer and giving it to the mechanic that works on your car.

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