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How hard is it to remove the rotors on a Nissan Pathfinder?

October 24th, 2011 · No Comments

I need to get the rotors turned and it is so much cheaper to take them off yourself and have them turned somewhere.

- It will take near 20 minuets to remove the brake rotor. Do one side at a time, block the rear wheels if its the front you will remove. Use safety stands, remove the wheel then you must retract the brake pads , you can put a screw driver between the brake pad and the rotor and pry the bad back into the caliper after both pads have been recessed in the caliper then remove the caliper you will need a tool or wrench to remove two bolts , on some cars you will need to remove a long pin to remove the pads, then remove the caliper, use a wire to hang the caliper up so to not put stress on the brake hose, then the rotor should just slid off, there may be two or three Phillips screws to remove first on the front of the rotor then slid it off, after it is resurfaced do the reverse and don’t forget to replace the pads and pump the brakes up to full pedal before removing the other side. This is likely the easiest way for an inexperienced mechanic.

- Remove the tire and the caliper and the will fall into your hands.But that is on a 2 wheel drive 4wd don’t know.

- As hard as it is to get a crabs claw of your bollock without wincing in pain, I should think.

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