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Can the Toyota coolant radiator fluid be use for the Nissan vehicle?

October 26th, 2011 · No Comments

I used to own a Toyota, so I had its manufacture Toyota brand name coolant fluid. Now I’m owning a Nissan. So will there be any problem if I use the Toyota coolant fluid for my Nissan truck?

- If it is the green stuff, ethylene glycol, you should not have a problem. if it is the red stuff, id find something else.

- I recommend you get the Nissan antifreeze. Quite a few Nissan forums (like the first source, for example) warn against using substitutes. The problem is that besides the three basic chemistries (classic, OAT, and HOAT) antifreeze may have low or high silicate and low or high borate. Both Toyota and Nissan are low silicate, so the water pump would be okay, but I haven’t found anything about the basic chemistry or the borate level of Nissan coolant. Toyota is low borate.

For the modest cost of Nissan coolant and the potential costs of choosing unwisely I would just get the right stuff and sleep well. 20 years ago we didn’t have this complexity but today it is a major consideration on whether the engine will be reliable for the life of the car.

- It really does not matter if you do a very through flush of the cooling system, however most brands in the newer cars are compatable. I would check with the dealer just to be sure.

- Yes, it’s ok. Remember to check if it is concentrated and need to add water or if it is already diluted.

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