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How much it cost to repaint a Nissan Sentra?

October 31st, 2011 · No Comments

- It depends the quality of work you want done on your Nissan. There is Miracle paint shops or Earl Shibe or something that can repaint the entire car, which doesn’t need any body dent work though, for around $200-$500. They give 3 months to a 12 months guarantee on their paint job. But those paint jobs look bad or ok and should only be done on old old car that you don’t care about or if you are trying to sell an old car.

Good paint jobs can cost from $1000 and up. Also, try to always use the same color to color your car which is the original color of the car otherwise it depreciates the value of the car if you use another color paint while repainting the entire car. Seems like you want to keep the car, and it appears like an old car too, so I guess you can use those inexpensive paint shops to repaint the car or find another local paint shop which could do it for few hundred only.

- It really depend on the condition of the car,and and what color .to do it properly about $2000.00 to 3000.00. to have a discount shop do it about $600.00 depending on the market.there is a big difference in quality.and material.

- It all depends on what type of body work it needs, if you just want to paint it black, it would be from $600-$1000 depends on the painter.

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