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What kind of special tools are there for 97-99 Audi A4 B5 platform?

May 1st, 2012 · No Comments

I want to repair my audi a4 1.8t by myself, i want to do just about everyting to it, but don’t know what tools to get before i do the future repairs. as for the repairs, anything from the engine to the suspension to electrical. can anyone name me every special tool there is for an audi a4 1.8t, 97 and 99?

- Audi’s are some of the best cars available anywhere in the world, and there are many people totally devoted to them. The answer is: you can do almost anything yourself, provided that you are clever, mechanically inclined, and listen for good advice. There is a company called Blaufergnugen on the web. They have any and all genuine Audi repair tools they will be happy to send you with a deposit, of course. They also have some of the best prices for wear items like timing belts, pulleys, rollers, etc. Buy a Robert Bentley manual. Look on the web!!! In your spare time, read it. Then, read it again. There is more engineering in an Audi door than in many other car makers entire car!!! (I am joking, of course!) Always use only genuine Audi parts, with the exception of the water pump. Here, you should use the pump indicated at Blaufergnugen. Use only oil meeting VW/Audi spec 420/405. In other words, use only Mobil One, ELF, or AMZOIL. Some new Castol formulations are acceptable, but only if they clearly state on them they meet the spec mentioned above! With a little determination you can change your brake fluid (every 2 years) yourself. A properly maintained Audi will last for several automotive lifetimes. I personally have customers with over 300,000 miles on their cars with a minimum of replaced parts. Learn to keep your engine bay clean at all times. When you are bored, clean your intake system and hoses once or twice a year. Don’t be afraid to push your car, sometimes. The Audi engine has oil spray jets built in that keep the piston wrist pins under constant lubrication. The highest wear item is the ball joints. If you have any questions, call Blaufergnugen or ALL AUDI at 1-800-all-audi. They should have answers. There is a special tool too help you change the struts without removing the strut ***-embly, should you need this to be done. Also, check with Audi, about extending your warranty. They usually will if you are able to supply them with proper maintenance documentation. You can remove the alternator easily and repalce the brushes in it cheaply, yourself. Or, have it rebuilt at an alternator store (when you need this to be done at around 150,000 miles). higher performance brake pads are available at the B place, as well.

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