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How much is it to change transmission fluid on 2000 Audi?

May 5th, 2012 · No Comments

- A lot, unfortunately. Genuine Audi trans fluid is GOLD in color and is a synthetic mineral oil base. At discount, it is $16 a quart. The fluid level must be checked at full warmed operating temperature, on a hoist with a special filling device. If you decide to have this done, (and you should at about 100,000 miles), make sure the technician is knowledgeable enough to know that he must wash down the valve body and all visible portions of the underside of trans with chlorinated brake clean to dislodge clutch fuzz. Otherwise, the change may not work as it should.

- That car was designed by an idiot. You need a special tool to fill the transmission that pumps fluid up from below; you can’t simple pour it in with a funnel like you can on a well designed car.
Figure $150-200 when you find a shop that can do it.

- 50 bucks maybe if you do it at home but if a shop does it prices wil vary with who you call easy to call three place and decide.

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