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How to change the rear light brake bulb on an Audi A4 Avant

May 7th, 2012 · No Comments

- The Audi just uses the normal single filament bulb you can buy from any accessory shop.if you open the tailgate there is a small cap in the plastic trim in the tailgate aperture,behind which is a single screw.Remove the screw,it is about 2 inches long,then hold the lamp cluster and pull it outwards towards the side of the car.It may take a little ‘working’ & be careful not to chip the edge of the lens against the panelwork.Should take no more than 5mins.

- Most brakes, have similair bulbs and can be picked up at a local auto parts store (Auto Zone, Checker ect..) As for changing the bulb….there should be five or six screws around the cover, just unscrew them, pull the cover off, push in and turn the old bulb at it should pop right out. Do the same in reverse to replace it.
- In your owners manual it should give you the procedure for changing a brake bulb as well as the wattage of bulb you need.
- Go to Halfords, I believe they offer this service and will charge you about a fiver, well my local Halfords does it anyway!

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