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How to get the light fitting out to change the bulb on Audi TT?

May 9th, 2012 · No Comments

I have unscrewed the two little handles and one side seems to want to come away but in the far side it is still attached what else do i need to unscrew to release the light fitting. im a girl by the way so please no mechanic jargon.

- In the trunk you’ve forgotten to remove a hold down nut. Pull the carpeting away and look for it. You’ll see whats holding it if you use some common sense.
You may have removed what is visible in the trunk but your gonna have to peel back the carpeting to see what you’ve missed. trust me you can do this.

- Its the two screws and it also sits on one (or two?) little ball and socket type of attachments down in the recess. This is what makes it feel tight and does require a gentle but firm pressure to pop them out. But it does pop easily and a dainty lady should be well able to do it as well as a man.

- Non jargon – get hold of it and rag it out! If you have released the lamp unit then its probably just stuck on plastic dowels, you may need a bit of pressure to shift them.

- check and make sure there should be more knobs there maybe a little lower, some times the addhessive tends to not let go!

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