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Do Audi manual transmissions need transmission fluid?

May 9th, 2012 · No Comments

I have a 97 Audi a4 and my mechanic whom i’m now suspecting to be a quack told me that audi manual transmissions have no need for transmission fluid.

- All transmissions whether they are Manual or Automatic require transmission fluid or oil. It keeps it lubricated for when you change gears and such. That way they dont’t get too hot or start to chip the gears inside. Transmission Fluid should be changed every 30,000 – 100,000 miles.

- it doesnt use transmission fluid. it uses gear oil. is what he probably means. head to napa or the local audi dealership. chances are with foriegn cars like that theres usually a specialty oil your supposed to use.

- All cars, All transmissions need fluid some are just harder to check than others. I believe on yours you actually pull out the speedometer cable from the transmission to check and fill it could be wrong but had a v.w. passat like that.

- You’re probably going to be running gear oil in it.On the side of the tranny(I think)will be a 17mm hexagonal indent.It’s a threaded plug and it looks like a large Allen wrench bolt. If it’s there, on the side, put the car on level ground, remove it, and the gear oil should be level with the bottom of the hole. He’s right technically that it doesn’t take “transmission fluid”, but that doesn’t mean it never needs to be checked.

- I would def look into that….i would like to say that you do need trans. fluid but then again with those foreign vehicles its very hard to say…but its only a 97 i wld probably bet that it needs it.

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