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How to change brakes on Audi A4?

May 9th, 2012 · No Comments

When I go down hills and brake it gets pretty damn bumpy. Id like to change my brakes myself and found some photo tutorials online, i’ve got decent mechanical ability. They aren’t grinding or anything so is it likely that I only need new disks, pads, or rotors too. did I give enough info for someone to troubleshoot my problem? plus, what are some decent brakes for a low price?

- OEM pads and rotors are not necessary as long as you buy good quality parts, but have you considered that maybe the rotors just need turning.

- You drive an A4 and want to get brakes that are decent and low priced. You buy only OEM for your car or you will never be satisfied from your car’s braking ability and quietness.

- You have a audi… no such thing as low price when it comes to fixing. you will probably spend 2x if not more than what i would spend on my car to get them done on mine.

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