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How to open Audi A6 battery

May 13th, 2012 · No Comments

I have an audi a6 1996, it has been sitting around and the battery has gone flat, which means without any power the doors do not unlock. other then breaking the windows, how can i get the doors to open?

- Is that key made to work with just power? Most cars have keys that will work to open the door, without power. Is all you have is a push button to open the door, not a key? Try the ignition key. You could ask someone to give you a boost, if you could open the door and then open the hood. But these cars now a days are made for security and the only people it keeps out are the ones using it. Car thieves can get in, so the security is useless.

- Jack it up and look underneath for the alternator or starter motor, if you can see either of then ten look for either the hot side of the starter solenoid of the charging wie on the alternator and hook up jump leads to that and to part of the engine to get a ground then hook the other ends of them up to a charged battery and then open doors.

- It must have a keyhole somewhere. stick the key in and turn it. if not jack it up and run a live wire to the starter and a ground to the body.

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