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Need space saver wheel for Audi TT

May 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Does anyone know if a 17″ space saver from another Audi type or even a VW will fit?

- With a space saver, which is pretty narrow, it is unlikely to be necesary to use only a VW/Audi one as long as the overall size is the same and the stud holes are at the same centres anyone should do.

- Go in-line and find: Frey the Wheelman. They can order an exact replacement for you. If all else fails order one from an Audi dealer or call a local car junk-yard and they’ll expand your search through their computer system to other car cemetery’s. Many car scrap yards sell new replacement wheels.

- Why don’t you check the Auto Trader magazine, they might have what you are looking for or failing that, they might be able put you intouch with someone who does have those space savers.

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