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How to top up automatic transmission fluid on Audi A6?

May 13th, 2012 · No Comments

- As stated you top up through the diptube, usually located at the rear of the engine. There may not be a dipstick in the tube and it may have a tamperproof cap fitted, may be better taking to a garage if you don’t have the correct workshop tool (dipstick) as you will be guessing at the correct level.

- All Audi’s have a filler /level plug at the side of the casing. with the fluid cold, unscrew the plug and if fluid comes out, there is enough in. Refil bottles come with a plastic pipe attached. Push the end through the hole and squeeze the bottle till fluid comes out. re fit the plug. Note do NOT do this when the trans is hot as the fluid is hot enough to scald your hands.

- Usually you top off any tranny fluid where the tranny dipstick goes just use a funnel warm the engine first then check it before you add any fluid.

- Buy a haynes workshop manual for your make and type of car from halfords,it iwll show oyu exactyl how to do any job on your car.

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