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2006 Jeep Wrangler pdf

March 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

Wrangler Unlimited is designed to keep its wheels firmly planted on the ground—even when one or more may be climbing an obstacle. WRANGLER FEATURES WIND IN YOUR HAIR FREEDOM Wrangler has spent the last 60 years as the only true convertible 4×4—and it’s just one reason why the Wrangler experience can’t be matched. Taking the top off makes life a little more adventurous and lets you become one with the elements. That’s the true spirit of Wrangler. HARD OR SOFT TOP? BOTH! Help protect yourself from the elements with the available full hard doors and composite hard top for the winter months; unzip the soft top in the summer.

This option allows you to experience the ultimate in flexibility. EASY WASH OUT INTERIOR Drain Plug? Yep. Right in the floor. So if you get a little carried away on the trail, just removethe carpet and wash out the floor and the water resistant seats. Nifty, huh? ADVENTURES IN COMFORT Wrangler’s interior is comfortable and full of available safety and security features ( see Specs for more safety information ). Sedona cloth seats shown. Remember to secure all cargo properly. CAGE MATCH You drive Wrangler in some pretty inhospitable places, so it’s nice to know you’re protected by its safety cage made of high-strength alloy steel that surrounds and helps protect occupants.

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