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How to reprogramme the key fob on 2001 Audi A4 1.9 Tdi

May 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

I have an audi A4 (2001, 1.9TDi). My car battery went flat and now the key fob does not work (cannot lock or unlock the car by pressing the buttons on the key). I have placed new batteries in the key fob just in case they were weak. How do I reprogramme the key fob?

- If key buttons operated repeatedly while vehicle out of range or batteries replaced, and system becomes inoperative,
proceed as follows:
Depress lock or unlock button.
Manually lock and unlock driver’s door within 30 seconds.
System should now lock or unlock vehicle.

- You have to take back to the dealership or to someone who has a computer with Audi software to program it.

- You owners manual supplied with the car when new will tell you how to do that.

- This is based on the tech section steps that I wrote, but with an added “wait” (step 4). MAKE SURE you do EVERY step (print it out and tick each one as you do it):
1.Take one key/remote (key B) and put it in the ignition and turn the ignition ON (to the “accessory-on” position – don’t start the car).
2.Close and lock the driver’s door with the other key/remote (key A) while the ignition remains on.
3.Take the key A remote and press the “UNLOCK” button ONCE only – alarm will ‘beep’/lights flash, but door will remain locked.
4.Wait for a slow count of 10.
5.With key A, unlock and lock the door again (using the key not the remote).
6.Test the remote by pressing the “UNLOCK” button again – door should unlock.
7.Open the door and turn ignition off and back on again using the key A this time.
8.Continue the procedure for the second remote – close & lock the door with the key B (leaving the ignition on).
9.Take key B remote and press the “UNLOCK” button TWICE – alarm will ‘beep’/flash each time button is pressed but door will remain locked.
10.Wait a count of 10 again.
11.With key B, unlock and lock the door again (using the key not the remote).
12.Test the remote by pressing the “UNLOCK” button again – door should unlock.
13.Remove both keys, close the door and perform a final retest by locking and unlocking the car with both remotes.
If this doesn’t work, repeat WITHOUT steps 5 & 11. If that doesn’t work, you’re on your own.

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