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How to find the door switch on Audi A3 turbo because the alarm won’t work

May 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

- Its built into the door lock & only comes with the lock. You need to get an Audi dealer to read the fault memory as it can be a number of different faults. Any one of the door locks, bonnet switch, boot lock switch or interior monitoring sensors if fitted.

- Not sure about the Audi, but have you looked at where the door is attached to the body of the car by its’ hinges? Unless they are using other technology, most door or light switches are situated where the 2 parts of the door meet, and this can obviously be near the hinge or near where the latch s. Maybe it is a light sensor, which would be near the latch end?

- Is the interior light on as well with the door closed? That’s a dead giveaway. Look all the way around the door jamb. The switch is usually covered with a rubber boot.

- Alot of door ajar switches are built into the latch assembly.

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