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Audi 80 Estate that wont start it has no spark

May 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

- Those might still have points, change and adjust them along witha new condenser.

-Has it got a 3 wire plug to the distributor? if so it will be marked up + o – turn ignition on, pull coil lead off distributor and hold 1cm away from engine block, pull the plug off the distributor and put a split pin into the terminal marked o then tap this on the engine block. The coil lead should spark, if it does change the hall sensor in the distributor (may have to buy complete distributor).

- Need lots more details in order to help. Where are you? I’m in Scotland and have done lots to these cars. My sister had an 80 sport , I had an 80 Quatro , fantastic cars.

- Have you tried changing the leads is there no spark from any plug?

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