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Audi A4s wheels are always loaded in brake dust

May 31st, 2012 · No Comments

- Not much. Several car designers have done this with the wheels. It looks bad. Change in brake shoes may slow it down. But you will be cleaning wheels for the rest of your ownership for sure.

- you can limit your break dust by using ceramic pads.

- The German cars seem to use brake pads that generate a lot of dust. You could try some different pads – aftermarket ones. But only get high end ones, not the cheap $10 ones. One good way to clean the brake dust off is to use Simple Green cleaner. Works great and won’t harm your rims.

- You can try wheel dust shields. They are designed to fit inside the wheel and keep the brake dust off the outside of the wheel and tire.
Try AutoSport catalog. 1 800-726-1199 or The prices are $45 for a set of two and $80 for four.

- Best way is to purchase and install new brake pads for the brakes that are specially made to reduce This type of dust.

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