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White smoke coming from exaust of Audi 80 2.0, had recent oil change

May 31st, 2012 · No Comments

- White smoke after the engine is warm would be water condensing, i.e probably cylinder head gasket failiure. there are other things butthis would be first on my list, check coolant level.

- If it’s white it usually just means the car is cold. Sometimes mine will do it if the water is low.

- White smoke has nothing to do with Oil White smoke is Coolant. You have a blown head gasket and coolant is leaking into your intake manifold. Did your car overheat recently?

- This could be underfueling, an intake air leak, coolant getting into the cylinders (smoke would be greyish in colour at close inspection), many things.

- White smoke = engine coolant mixing with oil. On this model it is more than likely obvious because the coolant expansion tank will become brownish in colour and the coolant will start to thicken. Experiance of this in the past would normally lead me to replace the Oil cooler first (squarish device that sits just above oil filter with two pipes coming out of it) Then fully flush the radiator and cooling system (including the heater matrix). Once this is done carry out a “block test” which basically is a chemical sniffer which detects exhaust gas in your coolant – a useful check on your head gasket to see if any subsequent damage has been done.
Any reputable garage should be able to complete the above work and checks for around £200 or under.

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