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2001 Audi with check engine light always on

May 31st, 2012 · No Comments

I took it to the dealership many times, they always change a sonsor, and it works fine for a couple of days, then it goes back on again. The audi-dealership replaced 2 sensors (oxygen sensor and air input sensor) and the light is back on again.

- Take it to an Audi dealer who knows what the hell he’s doing. Your car is being shotgunned by an idiot. Merely getting the scan code and changing out sensors is NOT the way. A competent mechanic takes the code and uses it as a STARTING point to diagnose the underlying cause.

An extremely common error is a code for low O2 sensor output. The owner (or clueless mechanic) changes the sensor. Then the light comes back on in a couple of days. The reason is that the old sensor was good, but the underlying cause was something else such as a worn out cat or a vacuum leak. A dead giveaway is an O2 sensor code with no noticeable driveability issues. If the sensor is bad, driveability will usually suck AND the light will go on.

- I own a repair shop,and if it has a bad sensor on it,,the only way to repair it is replace the sensor that is bad,,auto zone can scan it and tell you which sensor it is,and its free there,and they can erase it for you,,but it will come right back on,,id just fix it,and be done with it.

- Don’t worry about it if it just the sensors, sometimes as little as the gas cap or gas cover is open or ajar as teeny bit as it is it will lit.

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