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How much should a four wheel alignment on a bmw cost?

September 28th, 2012 · No Comments

I was charged $65 today just to get the frontend of my 98 BMW 740i aligned and nothing else. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t get ripped off. I figured at that price it should have included all 4 wheels aligned. Tell me if I am wrong or right?

- Thats a real good price if they did the job properly bec the average price just for the front end to be aligned is 59 for two wheels to be aligned such as the front end and they vary but the price always is at least 10 bucks more for all 4 wheels and that can vary from 69 to 99 bucks all depending on the shop and the vehicle.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way in my opinion the shops with the most up to date alignment equipment are the shops that usually get the alignment much more accurate or easily done or more on the noise.

- Most german cars, especially BMWs and Mercedes, sometimes require special tools and special instructions to ensure proper alignment. For example some models actually require that weighted bags be put in the seats while the vehicle in aligned, this can only be done at the dealer who are pretty pricey. Most alignments these days are infact 4 wheel alignments unless there are no adjustments in the rear. $65 is a pretty good price, my work charges $69.99 for regular alignments, $79.99 for truck and SUVs, and $99.99 for out specialty alignments which cover BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars, etc.. Hope this helped.

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