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How does the maintenance differ on a BMW than on a Ford or GM?

September 28th, 2012 · No Comments

I want to buy a 1997 BMW 318i but I am a home mechanic and have no trouble working on my Ford’s or GM’s. I am wondering what the difference is and if i could work on my own BMW. I don’t want to do any major motor work just the basics. Example: Starter, Oil changes, Alternator, Tune up. What are some of the differences or obsticals i can come to expect. Is it an easy transition?

- There really isn’t much difference in things like this ,the BMW may cost you less ,because parts seem to last longer on them,oil changes aren’t any more,lube jobs aren’t either,for the most part of it one wont cost much more than a regular car,prices of parts are high right now for any car made,these just cost a little more that’s all,but they also last a lot longer,so in the long run you may come out cheaper,a lot of people have,those are good cars,but like any other car made they do need maintenance work once in a while,it wont break you up though.

- The biggest thing I see is price, it’s a BMW parts are more expensive regardless if you can get shop price.

Some things are easier than others because of setup. The BMW is a lil more cramed area to work with, kinda like a ford to a honda, amount of space to work with.

I believe the BMW is more computer controlled compared to the domestics and the tools needed, you might need a couple of the specialty tools for that particular vehicle.

That’s really about it, you will just have to open the hood and see, it shouldn’t be a hard transition, but get the shop manual if you can, I believe if you know how to use torrents you will be able to find it no problem.

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