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BMW engines are not unleashed to their full potential?

September 28th, 2012 · No Comments

I heard the office gossips talking about the BMW 118i M Sport and the engine being a detuned version of the two-litre Valvetronic powerplant ? How can you tune it to go from a 1.8 to the full 2.0?

- People always assume the 118i is a 1.8ltr, it is NOT. The 118i engine is in fact a 2 litre engine (well 1995cc) and it is in a low state of tune 143hp. Even the 116i uses the same 2ltr engine at 122hp.

The 120i is the same engine but tuned to 177hp.

The cost and hassle of getting the 118 up to 120 will not be worth it. Just get the 120 or de badge the 118.

- Almost every automotive engine in the World is de-tuned somewhat to satisfy the warranty expectations from the manufacturers.

They could never offer a 100,000 Km. Warranty on the full race engine; any idiot knows that the engine won’t last that long. That is why your engine warranty is null and void the instant that you modify it.

You engine could conceivably be tuned to produce twice the horsepower you have now. But you can kiss your warranty off if you do it.

I just spent approx. $4500.00 modifying my car. But we never touched the engine, the ECM or the transmission. It’s all bone stock.

- No engine is. Thats why you get mild performance increases with modifications such as an intake system or exhaust system. Some manufacturers restrict the power purposely for safety and marketing reasons.

You can’t tune an engine to get a higher displacement, but you can tune it to make more power other ways.

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