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Can I use spark plug wires from a different car on my 84 BMW?

September 28th, 2012 · No Comments

I was quoted $100 for a set of plug wires for my 84 BMW. Can I get a cheaper set and use them. Are they universal to some degree?

- no because they have a special coating on the inside of them to protect them from heat,you have to use the right wires back on it other wise it wont run right.

- you can get a cheaper set by shopping around. Be careful because they must look pretty similar to the BMW set. You don’t want a plug wire getting close to the exhaust manifold and burning the wire, because you needed a ninety degree and you chose a straight wire. Plug wires are generally universal, but I would put a set on with the same characteristics of the BMW.

- I would think that the biggest issue would be lengths. I have changed plug wires a few times in my day(yes I am an old lady but a self sufficient one!!) and the wires need to be the correct length to reach where they need to go. Some are short, some long, some medium length. The ones designed for your car will match the old ones in length exactly. Call around to other parts houses. There can be a huge difference from one to the other, in price with no real difference in quality. I recently helped my son call around for a fuel line part and there was a $45 difference from the lowest to the highest.
Also since the plug wires carry a current through them, you want good ones, nice heavy duty wire inside the rubber housing which should be of high quality as well and the end connecters should fit snugly.

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