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Why did Airbag light come on BMW?

September 30th, 2012 · No Comments

I have a 2000 bmw 323i. the airbag light just suddenly came on and stays on all the time. I have about 133k miles on the car. I haven’t tried anything yet.

- maybe the battery plug is not connected so the car will ran out of battery, it will cause all the reminder lights in your car to show up.. but usually it began with the ABS system lights.. contact the dealer asap and ask their technician to come, i have this problem with my car once..

- Take it to the dealer so they can plug it in to find out which wire is lose or damaged. It usually is something easy like a sensor, which in some cases is covered under some recall notice that you did not hear about. I have seen what an airbag can do to a ceiling 15 feet above when it is ignited from the floor, and your head and neck in close proximity does not stand a chance if you accidentally light one off. You are far too valuble to test your chances. Let the pro take care of this one.

- I’m an automotive technician and have a few friends that work for BMW. Everyone of them say that they are over priced junk. There is a lot of bad wiring, and just plain bad engineering on that car. But I do agree. Bring the car to a BMW DEALER, not a private garage. BMW needs a different scan tool with the Euro Package for the Scanner. It will be a mighty nice repair bill, but it is something that should be fixed. The truck I drive is when air bags were first coming out and I don’t have one, my Truck is a very simple system and if a light comes on, I have it in my shop diagnosing it as fast as i can.

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