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What could be the problem in my Chevrolet Malibu car?

June 28th, 2013 · No Comments

Every one to two weeks I have to add Dexcool coolant to the tank of my Chevrolet Malibu 2000 car. The car has 78,000 miles. The tank appears to be intact. It has not heated up to the point of turning off but sometimes it has a burnout odor. Where could be the problem?

- If you don’t see an obvious leak check the oil and see if your getting water in the pan. Many GM V-6 engines had a problem at about your mileage with the lower intake plenum gasket. If thats it you will have water in the oil.

- You said that it does not get hot enough to shut off.
Gotta to be about 245 250 before you damage enough to shut it down.
Does that mean the car car is running 230 240 if it is thats way to hot,..It is probably boiling out.Thats why you have to add fluid.reevauate th ecooling system (water pump Thermostate radiator.,) Hope this helps.

- Yeah, the fact that you have to add coolant, indicates a leak. It could be in many places, including internal such as head gasket. Have the cooling system pressure-tested. And inspect for leaks visiually.

- You have a system leak somewhere. Better let a mechanic do a pressure test on the cooling system to pinpoint the problem. Could be as simple as a worn hose or as bad as a head/intake gasket failure.

- Could be a heater core or just a leak, go to a shop and have your cooling system checked.

- you probably have a leak around the manifold that is burning off when the engine gets warmed up.

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