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Hw to replace a fuse in my 1996 Chevrolet Blazer to get my blinker working

June 29th, 2013 · No Comments

I need to replace a fuse in my 1996 Chevrolet Blazer to get my blinker working again. How do I know which one to replace? I do not have an owners manual and there is no guide in the fuse box any longer. Can someone direct me to a link online where I can determine the correct fuse?

- usually on the fuse box cover has a diagram of what all of the fuses are and their location. also in the owners manual it will give all of the details of what fuses are and where they are located. it will also give you the detail of how many amps the fuse needs to be. you also have a relay for the blinkers “flashers” it could possibly be the relay and it too will be on the diagrams.

- If you’re trying to visually inspect the fuse box to find the right one you’re going to want to shine a flash light on the colored portion of the fuse. You should easily be able to tell which fuse is burned out because the fuse conductor will be broken in the middle just like a burned out light bulb.

You can also follow a wire diagram available online for free in most cases but I’m guessing you’ll spend less time and energy doing it my way! ;-)

Once you find the offending fuse remove it with a pair of needle nosed pliers as they’re usually seated firmly in place. Most owner’s manuals will recommend that you pull the negative cable from the battery but I say, save yourself the ten minutes and just pull the plug using the pliers and replace it the same way with the exact same amperage fuse.

- Ideally they’ll be labeled. What you want to do is pull out each fuse, one by one, that you can’t be sure isn’t the right fuse. Look at it and see if it’s intact. If it’s intact, it’s not the fuse to replace. A fuse labeled “A/C” or “gauges” doesn’t need to be pulled out. A fuse labeled “lights” or “signal” might be the right one, so pull that one out to be sure. A blown fuse is very easy to detect. Look at the picture I linked to. Notice the melted, broken part on just left of center?

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