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Can I put a Chevrolet Marine 350 in a automobile? What are the differences?

June 29th, 2013 · No Comments

I might have acquired a 350 Chevrolet Marine engine. I am building a Hot Rod and was wondering what it would take to make it work. What are the differences and what could I do to make it work. I have been told they work well because they have more torque.

- There is nothing different between any of the engines except the cam profile and the gaskets are thicker on the marine engine. it’ll work just fine.

- Q: What’s the difference between the truck and marine engines compared to the passenger car engines?

A: They share alot of the same parts like crank and rods but the heads and block are different between them. The truck and marine blocks have a cut out area in each cylinder that helps lowers the compression to 7.75:1 The notch in the block is not responsible for all the compression loss however. The truck and marine heads have a combustion chamber and shorter pistons which are responsible for the largest amount of the compression loss. On a positive note, the notch in the block also allows more room around the exhaust valve thereby enhancing the air flow.

- they have more torque do to longer stroke. the only difference that i can tell would be the mount locations, also, they are designed to run cold- no radiator.

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