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How many miles can a Chevrolet Avalanche go until complete breakdown?

June 27th, 2013 · No Comments

I want to buy a used chevrolet avalanche soon, but my mom wants me to buy a brand new one. They are way expensive but she says you can only get 100,000 miles out of an avalanche. Is this true? help i need way more information about how many miles i can get out of the truck.

- The Avalanche is based on the Silverado. Chevy trucks are very reliable if you take decent care of them. My uncle’s last truck was a 1994 Silverado. He was hard on that truck, and it had just under 300,000 miles on it when he traded it in. It looked rough, but it was still running.

- Your fixation is misplaced. You should be asking; how long can you drive an Avalanche before the cost of maintenance and repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle? Well maintained there is no reason it couldn’t go twice the figure momers says but they are not cheap to run and maintain. Not so good mileage, expensive to outfit with tires [price 'em go ahead] and you didn’t ask but in my opinion they look like they were designed by a 5 year old with broken crayons.

- My neighbor has a older avalanche with the big block v8 (8.1L) motor. I think he has like 356,000+ miles on it. He doesn’t treat it that great and all he does with it is tow heavy stuff to other states (It’s his side job). Cars can last forever if treated right. Chevy small block v8’s have been evolving since the mid 50’s I believe (Kinda have had the same design but have have been improving on it). In my experience they don’t die unless the owner was a moron. Get the 6.0L – not the most powerful but I don’t really hear many bad things about em. I’m not a big fan of the 5.3 motor.

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