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Radial Tire Conditions Analysis Guide Manual

March 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Determining the causes of tires placed out service is of vital importance to the fleet operator because of the substantial investment that tires represent. To protect your investment in tires, it is necessary to know what caused each tire’s demise. This publication will lead to cost savings through providing guidance and help in the following areas:

1. Eliminating causes of failures if possible.
2. Retreading and repairing tires and placing them back into service.
3. Presenting tires for warranty credit when applicable.
4, Improving tire maintenance and tire selection if necessary.
Tire grading should be done prior to the tire being placed in a “scarp pile”. After a tire has been dismounted from the rim and before it is rolled out the tire shop door, the tire should be inspected with the following questions in mind:
1. Is the tire serviceable?
2. Is it repairable ot retreadable?
3. Could it be used in a limited service operation?
4. Should the tire be presented to the original manufacturer or retreader for warranty?
5. If none of the above apply, is it strictly junk?
These questions must be answered before the tire is placed in the scrap pile since the tire may lose its usefullness to rust while waiting in the pile to be graded. Any usable tire should be stored in a dry covered area.

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