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Renault Clio Sport Basic Manual Guide

March 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Technical Note 3676A CB1N Basic manual: Workshop Repair Manual 345 and Technical Note 3286A Features of Renault Clio Sport SPL lighter version (see manufacturer’s plate) | The injection computer receives a signal from the power steering pressure switch (which can be displayed on the diagnostic tools). The injection computer does not adjust the engine idle speed.

ELECTRIC CORRECTION ACCORDING TO BATTERY VOLTAGE AND ELECTRIC POWER BALANCE The aim of this correction is to compensate for the drop in voltage due to operation of a power consuming component when the battery is at low charge. To achieve this, the idle speed is increased, which increases the speed of rotation of the alternator, and this increases the battery voltage. The lower the voltage, the more significant the correction. Correction of the engine speed is therefore variable. It begins when the voltage drops below 12.8 V. The idling speed may reach 900 rpm maximum. Note: After a cold start and lengthy idling, a sudden drop in engine speed to approximately 150 rpm may be noticed. PETROL INJECTION Adaptive idle speed correction PRINCIPLE Under normal hot engine operating conditions, the idle speed Opening Cyclic Ratio signal value varies between a high value and a low value, so that the nominal idle speed is obtained. It is possible that during variations in the operation of the vehicle (running in, engine clogging, etc.), that the Opening Cyclic Ratio (OCR) could become close to the highest or lowest values. The adaptative correction on the idle Opening Cyclic Ratio allows the slow variations of the engine’s air requirements to be saved. ° This correction only takes effect if the coolant temperature is greater than 75°C, 20 seconds after the engine is started and if the nominal idle speed regulation phase is active.

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