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Peugeot 407 ST HDi Executive Diesel Sample pdf

April 11th, 2008 · No Comments

High standard of finish Five Star Euro NCAP rating On road performance With many European car makers deciding to introduce diesel versions of their new luxury models into Australia, it would seem a logical step for Peugeot to do the same – given that they have been at the forefront in the latest thinking in diesel design and innovation for many years. Peugeot introduced the first Diesel Particulate Filter in 2000, which has overcome the diesel particulate [black soot] problem that has plagued the industry forever. The new Peugeot 407 ST HDi Diesel is a n exiting new vehicle in many ways; Peugeot has been able to put their latest diesel technology into one of the most striking looking vehicles around.

Powered by a two litre turbocharged diesel engine it features the latest common rail diesel injection technology to maximise power and torque. Fitted with Peugeot’s latest Diesel Particulate Filter the 407 ST HDi reduces emissions to better the Euro Four emission standard for diesels which doesn’t come into force until 2006. DISLIKES Potential to scratch paintwork when loading luggage. Easy to confuse coolant and oil temperature gauges. DESIGN & FUNCTION SPACE & PRACTICALITY Because the 407 HDi shares the same body as its petrol engined cousins, interior space is the same. The 407 provides plenty of interior room and also features a decent sized boot. The rear seats can be folded down and if the seat bases are removed, [a simple operation], give an almost flat cargo area that measures 1600 mm. A ski hatch is also provided and a cargo net is there to secure luggage. When loading luggage into the 407 you need to be careful to avoid scratching the top edge of the rear bumper, as the bar is slightly higher than the load lip. Door pockets are reasonably sized; there are two map pockets on the rear of the front seats. There is a small binnacle for items in the centre of the dash. It’s very shallow and items like sunglasses fall out under acceleration. Sun blinds are fitted on the rear doors as well as the rear screen. COMFORT Trimmed in leather, the heated power front seats provide good comfort, the seat base and backrest soft enough, yet designed in a way that help keep the driver in place along twisting roads. The steering wheel is adjustable for height and reach. The rear seat is well shaped and the rear legroom is adequate even when the front seat is adjusted back for taller drivers. ERGONOMICS The driving position for the manual HDi was excellent; clutch and gear lever operation was simple and straightforward. Peugeot has built a great to use manual transmission that is light and precise. No need to think that because it’s a diesel that you need a heavy to operate truck like clutch to handle the torque, as with the gear change the clutch operation is commendably light. Peugeot’s steering column switchgear has been often talked about when reviewing their range of vehicles. The new 407 carries over the same four stalks around the leather bound steering wheel as with earlier models. It’s a collection of oddly shaped paddles and rotary switches for audio, cruise control, wipers and lights. Jumping in and driving the 407 for the first time they can all be somewhat confusing and it takes a while behind the wheel to really get used to their operation.

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