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Suzuki Swift Smart Key Evaluation

April 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Smart start Emergency key Other features External smart entry operating range Immobiliser unsetting Drive away without remote control Locking system operation Engine start operation Performance against Thatcham criteria Smart key system functionality SAMPLE Report ref: SBD/SEC/1870 All rights reserved © Secured By Design Ltd, 2006 EUROPEAN SECURITY Suzuki Swift smart key evaluation

Contents List of figures Figure 1 Summary of performance Figure 2. Test vehicle Figure 3. Performance prediction against new Thatcham criteria Figure 4. Remote control Figure 5. Location of smart system components Figure 6. Smart entry unlocking Figure 7. Smart entry locking Figure 8. External tailgate button operation Figure 9. Keyless entry mode operation buttons Figure 10. Mechanical emergency key location Figure 11. Key cylinder (Driver’s door) Figure 12. Internal lock lever Figure 13. Internal locking switch Figure 14. Steering lock release Figure 15. Remote out of range (Red key warning) Figure 16. Keyless Start steering lock engagement Figure 17. Emergency Start Figure 18. Transponder chip Figure 19. Emergency key stop and lock engagement Figure 20. Thatcham maximum allowed exterior range Figure 21. External smart entry operation range Figure 22. Thatcham guideline on exterior leakage Figure 23. Rear glass to bumper dimension Figure 24. Exterior leakage – Side door measurement Figure 25. Exterior leakage – Tailgate measurement Figure 26. Interior smart operating range Figure 27. Explanation of flowchart colour scheme Figure 28. Lock ~ smart entry Figure 29. Lock ~ keyless entry Figure 30. Lock ~ mechanical key Figure 31. Unlock (from locked) ~ smart entry Figure 32. Unlock (from locked) ~ keyless entry Figure 33. Unlock (from locked) ~ mechanical key Figure 34. Unlock (from doubledlocked) ~ smart entry using door button Figure 35. Unlock (from doubledlocked) ~ smart entry using tailgate button Figure 36. Unlock (from double-locked) ~ keyless entry Figure 37. Unlock (from double-locked) ~ mechanical key Figure 38. Engine starting operation Figure 39. Engine stopping and steering lock engagement SAMPLE Report ref: SBD/SEC/1870 All rights reserved © Secured By Design Ltd, 2006 EUROPEAN SECURITY Suzuki Swift smart key evaluation Executive summary The Swift is the first model from Suzuki to be fitted with a smart key system in Europe. Suzuki’s system is called Keyless Start and it is standard fit on GLX (petrol versions) in both RHD and LHD European markets. A German specification five door model was used for the evaluation. Overall Figure 1 below summarises the performance findings from this report. Both Smart entry and Smart start were judged in three main areas of; Convenience, Features & Security. Figure 1. Summary of performance Criteria Convenience Features Security Excellent Good Average Poor Source: SBD Ltd. 2006 Smart entry Smart start The evaluation is based on SBD’s experience of customer expectation, competitor systems, and vehicle security. In the area of security the vehicle was assessed against Thatcham’s smart key criteria and against additional items judged by SBD as potential security issues.

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